Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Kids' New Reading Area

The Reveal!
The reading area is just outside of our school room which makes it ideal
for me to extend our lessons into this space.

The area is small since we live in a tiny box house. 
Very New York, without the guns and police sirens (yet).
I love our humble abode, really....and I don't need a bigger mortgage.
It was a real headache trying to fit everything together, but we worked it out :)

Initially I wanted these but haha...in reality who is going to do the crown moulding?
No one.

Then, I wanted this BILLY combination.
But IKEA was on sale and the large BILLYs were not in stock.
I swore a gazillion swear words and bought the 3 smaller ones.
Many thanks to my sister and BIL for helping me.
We got these with an extra 15% off with my BIL's sister's IKEA staff card.
Sadly, she no longer works there anymore.

I wanted to wait for big BILLY but patience is not one of my virtues.
I am more of the psycho, desperate, must do and complete it type.
So, I dragged hubby to Tesco and got two large ones at rm 119 each.
The difference in height and colour could kill me but I assured the psycho in me
that after all the books are in place, it will be barely noticeable. 

To make it more child friendly and inviting, 
I left a shelf to display the covers of books we are reading right now.
It was supposed to be about feelings but Tiger put his fav Mouse book there.

This is the toy-centered learning shelf.
This toy Tiger is so cute.
Will be doing a review on it soon!


Wanted to show you guys another one of our upcycling idea.
"The potted plant."
The plant is a square of faux grass rolled into an IKEA SOCKER pot. 
I wanted some real plants but there's no space, so this will do.
My designer sister gave it a nod. Pass larrrrr!

The picture is a printout from Growing A Jeweled Rose here
The frame is from NYTTJA from IKEA

 This ANEBODA wardrobe is a hand-me-down from SIL.
I store some tot school and art material in it as well.
Bean bag from living room
Grass carpet is HAMPEN from IKEA.

Even hubs gave a thumbs up!

The children's art work is hung from this display unit from IKEA.
They all have weird names, so I cannot recall what it's called.

It was a lot of work but definitely worth all the bruises and scratches.
Almost every night we will lay on the carpet and read.
PS: Board books, pop-ups and other noisy books are in the play room.

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