Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Toy-centered Learning with EQB

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Let's face it. Now that I have two kids, multiple jobs, an OCD overdrive and the need to constantly organize my home,
I barely have time to do an entire learning theme. 
I can choose to sacrifice sleep but I prefer to have a longer life and better skin.

Besides, Dragon girl is really, really good at rejecting my efforts.

Therefore, I came up with this idea of doing things in a simple manner. 
Just one or a few toys, accompanied by flashcards/books.
I call it toy-centered learning.
I was inspired by this Tiger sent to me by Toy Tag International.

Toy of the week: TIGER
Theme: Wild animal
Just let the toy be the star of the show
Around him, some books about Tiger. 

Tiger, I mean my Little Tiger boy la, liked this book the best :)
Its about a baby Tiger who was born without stripes. (Real fact)
and ended up chequered.
Very cute. I googled and found that it was a Russian book originally. 
 Written by Andrej Usatschow, illustrated by Alexandra Boy.

 We are traveling quite a bit today, because this toy Tiger came from Korea.
I miss Korea, I really do.
Everything there is so nice. The food, the people, the weather.
I wanted to buy a Korean Alien ala Korean Drama "My Lover From the Stars"
 but unfortunately he wasn't for sale.
Nevermind, toy from Korea also jadi la.

Koreans are renowed for their love of all things beautiful and oh well, plastic surgery.
So this toy is no different.
It is so well crafted and honestly, the best wood toy we have.
It is as good as HAPE products.
This range of toys is called EQB.
They are made form natural hardwoods, painted with non-toxic colours
and hand finished with eco-friendly natural oils. 
 Tiger BOY and I used the simple guide to create different poses and
we told a story as we went along.

 The tale of a vegetarian Tiger
*sniff sniff*
What is that I smell?

 Oh! Is that a burger!??!
Can I have some? Can I? Can I?
*Imaginary tail wagging*

 Sniff sniff...hmmmm...

 No, you're not sharing?
It's okay. *Pretends to saunter away*
Then.....crouch and....


Dragon girl's counter attack!

And she snaps the head off. Ooopss...

No worries, the other Tiger in the house will fix you back.
It has a unique snap joint system which interlocks the pieces when you twist the parts.
Very cool. It ain't a normal stacking toy like LEGO.
It takes patience and refined motor skills to manipulate this toy.
It is, after all, called EQB which stands for Emotional Quotient Block.

No other animal was hurt in this story.
Here he is, with his buddies.
And they all live happily ever after.
The End.

As with any toy, let your imagination set you free!

Here we made a bento meal:
turnip, bear-shaped rice, nuggets and.....

......a roast turkey!

Baby T-rex

Baby elephant in the river

A playful cub. 
(The front legs are not connected)

Cute, ain't it?
EQB award winning toys:
- Good Design Award Korea Winner 2009, 2010
- The excellent Company Brand of Seoul
- Nominated for Green Toy Award Nuremberg Toy Fair
- Designated for Korea Premium Character Product Award
The full range here:


Tiger boy is asking for the car set. 
You can get your own EQB toy online at:
you can check them out at Robinson , The Garden Mid Valley

Find out more about EQB from Youtube

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