Sunday, 6 July 2014

Science: Elephant Toothpaste

 I planned to do this experiment a year ago.
Bought the Hydrogen peroxide 6% from Guardian half a year ago
Then I found out my yeast wasn't working one month ago
Finally bought new yeast 2 weekends ago and
REALLY, FINALLY DID the experiment last weekend.

Homeschooling requires A LOT of stamina.
Felt like I just ran a marathon. I used to run, you know.
Before kids, boyfriends and a huge ass.

During the first trial (which failed because of my wet yeast), 
I made the kids put on goggles la, apron la etc.
Round two, "I, just watch."
You can get some cheap safety goggles for rm 1.50 from Mr DIY.

Basic ingredients
Yeast (one teaspoon)
Hydrogen peroxide 6% (one cup)-Available at major pharmacies
Food coloring (a few drops) or paint
Warm water (half a cup)
Dishwasher soap (just a few squirt)

Basic tools
A pan (to catch the toothpaste)
A bottle with narrow neck
Safety goggles

This is all over the internet, so I am not going to blah blah on.
If you need instructions, go HERE

To failure-proof ze experimento:
1. Make sure your yeast is not wet. Stupid me, I know  =.="
2. Don't use a big bottle, like this:

 Instead, try a cute little one like this.


 See my kakak's happy face? 
I swear, even when Dragon girl farts, she laughs. chubby, bubbly baby girl is going to be 2 soon.
Just don't lose those cheeks, ya?
I just love kissing much so, it's an addiction.

New additions to our outdoor classroom
An outdoor self-service station which is an upcycled old wine rack I was going to toss out.
The back is perfect as a blackboard.
Kakak nearly had a heart attack when I placed the art box within Dragon's reach.

A new hanging plant

Our Sunday breakfast table.

Have a wonderful week!

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