Sunday, 20 July 2014

A Bead in My Nose

by Tiger

Hello, aunties and uncles. I am pseudo blogging today because mama is very angry at me for getting a bead in my right nostril.

I know she trusts me with tiny things like googly eyes and nuts and stuff but the Montessori golden bead is too shiny and cute. I had to sniff it. I like to sniff things, I don't know why. I know it could be dangerous but I can always get it out later, right? I will just sniff it goes nothing....


Holy bananas, there is one in my nose....I can't get it out. Let's not panic and tell mama calmly, she's my Doc Mcstuffin, she can fix this.

"Mama, there is a bead in my nose. Cannot come out" (These were my exact words and I doubt Mama will ever forget it)

I saw mama's face turned white and the smile on her face replaced by a a frown. This is bad.

I tear up.

Mama grabbed my hands, looked up my nose and she cursed. I cannot tell you what she said, but it was a bad word. Then she shouted, "OMG! #$$#$%% Why did you do that?"

She counted the beads. Nine. Obviously, mama. One is in my nose. Ten minus one bead in my nose is NINE! I can count! Mama didn't praise me. She looks really worried and ANGRY. Oh shit, I am going to cry. Maybe she will be less angry if I cry

"DON'T CRY! Do you want the bead to go deeper?"

I stopped crying immediately.

She ran around looking for the nose bulb. She tried sucking it out using her mouth, I hated that. She gave me pepper to make me sneeze but SHE sneezed instead. Haha! In the end she took me to the hospital.

I don't understand what the fuss is all about. I am okay, mama. I can breathe. In fact, I would really like some chocolate now.


Ooops, okay. I will just sit very still.

At the hospital, mama tried to remove it with something called a yonker and she vacuumed my nose. The bead is as stubborn as me. After 30 minutes, she gave up and called another doctor to help me. We went for some cendol while we waited for him. At this point, I love papa more because he didn't yell at me or told everyone that I have a big nose but she just couldn't get it out.

Uncle's room had a nice blue chair that went up and down. I sat on mama's lap while he looked inside my nose. In one second, it was out. I WASN'T SCARED AT ALL. I  WAS SO BRAVE. Mama said I should be sacred. She is confusing me.

Overall, it was a great day for me even though I missed my nap, cancelled a trip to the seed playground, exhausted mama and papa, made the nice uncle with the up-and-down chair come on a Sunday, and scared everyone. I even got a toy egg with a car inside. Oh, and mama promised me a Cars puzzle.

At night, before bed, mama asked me if I will put stuff inside my nose again. I said no but she wasn't convinced. So she said very seriously, "Sweetie, do that again next time and I will cut open your nose"

I believed her, so I said, "I won't do it again"

She said I love you and that she was angry because she had higher expectations of my intelligence. On the other hand she was glad that I am a little more adventurous and curious.

Mama, stop it with the confusing statements already....sigh. I am only four. I am allowed to be mischievous and naughty. I love you very much, mama. You are still my best friend. And I get it, no more stuffing/sniffing things up my nose.

Before I forget, here's my souvenir from the whole experience.

Regards, Tiger.

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