Thursday, 24 July 2014

Happy Birthday, Dragon girl!

The girl is 2!
I can still remember lying on the cold OT table waiting for Dr B to cut me up.
I was very calm the entire time, imagining the layers he was cutting away to bring this breeched baby into the world.
And when she finally arrived, she announced it by peeing all over her mother. Sheesh....
And from that moment, I knew she is going to be a dramatic one and I was right. They don't call it maternal instinct for nothing.

She was this scrawny, dry looking baby but I was drowning in loving maternal hormones.
So, naturally I thought she was beautiful.
Looking back, nah, quite ugly actually....hihi. Sorry, my princess, must be honest laaaa...
But now, she is so darn cute, chubby, funny, cheeky and sweet.

I made this collage when her kakak complained that I forgot to compile one for her :p

This is going to be a photo overload post.
You know, for when I am old and I want to feel young again.
For Dragon girl's wedding.
For my grandchildren...
Oh God, I am going to cry.....they grow up so fast......
*wipes tears*

For her 2nd birthday, we went on a one day trip to Amverton Cove.
This is the monkey girl who loves to pretend she's driving.
That face....I so geram, you know!

Obviously she's got my eyes. 
Have you seen my hubby's eyes?
Looks like me, a little...from the side...whatever la....still my daughter.

 We went to the indoor playground immediately.
There were all these slides and balls but  all she wanted to do was cook :)

"Don't help me"

We went swimming in the evening

Too brave for floaties.
She cried when hubs tried to put her in the float with seat.
Only took me about 20 minutes to blow it biggie.

We brought a cake with us and she blew out the candles herself.

The rare smile for the camera

Another rare shot with a hint of smile.

Some 'model' shots hubs took :)

I look at her and I wonder what the future holds?
She is one of those kids with tons of attitude and fire.

 So independent and brave.

She is an artist. We paint every single day.
So, I bought this easel and created an art corner for her.

One day, while Tiger and I were reading outside, she went into the room by herself for sometime.
I expected her to be painting but to my surprise, I found her at the table.
She may look like she is reading but look closely and you will see
she is studying the picture intently.
Nope, still not reading.

She still leaves a trail of mess wherever she goes.
I guess that's how creative minds work.
Must learn to accept and embrace the mess....ohmmmmmmm

I must have frowned because she got up, grabbed the broom and started to sweep,
creating a bigger mess.
Tiger nearly cried when he saw his precious cards all over the floor.

Cognitively she is not as advanced as Tiger but socially, motor skills and 
creatively, she is way ahead.

Still not potty trained.
Still unable to recognize ABCs
Still as playful as ever.

Baby, you are so lucky you are not my firstborn.
Love you just the way you are.

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