Thursday, 27 November 2014

Christmas Crafting Time!

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It's almost Christmas!
Crazy, right?
Our tree is already up, as you can see on Instagram.
I just need a new phone for better Instagram pics :)
*wink wink wink* to hubs...hehe.

We have been spending much of our time preparing for his YAMAHA concert, 
so I did not prepare ANY Christmas trays!
So lame, I know...
Luckily for Tiger (and I), we received a My Creative BaoBei Christmas Play Bag.
With pre-packed activities, we can just grab and play :)
It comes in a lovely felt bag that you can reuse as a gift bag during Christmas.
See my son pretending to be malu-malu

"Come on, show me your giant ears"

I took out all the prepacked activities and asked him to choose one.
There were 3 products plus one free activity.

 He was immediately drawn to the glitter glue/snowflake activity.
Nothing spells FUN like messy play, you know :)
 I drew an outline with pencil since perfection is important to him.
For the designs, I referred to the pictures provided on the information leaflet.
Otherwise, they will all be round or square or diamond..hehe.

Bought this book years ago when I was still in high school! 
Pic from

The next activity took a two days because we had to roll up little balls of tissue paper.
This one is hard because you have to make a gazillion balls.
OK, I exaggerate, It was probably closer to 150.
Tiger was like, "You can do it."
"Don't talk so much. Work faster a bit."
What a pushy boss he'll make!
Purses lips.

In the end we had some 'boulders' left over and he was inspired to make a racecar.
Guess who is the lucky person who gets to fix up the car?

Last but not least, we have a Santa Clause for weaving.
He did this at snail speed over several days.
So, the activities lasted a loooong time :)



 He thinks his papa is Santa Claus because they have the same sized belly!
No lar...I take that back...must be nice for a new phone.
Because my kind, darling husband got them early Xmas presents.
*sweet smile*

There is also a felt sticker activity that we are saving for rainy days.
Image from CreativeBaobeiPlayBags

If you are interested in getting a bag for you little one, 
you can check out CreativeBaobeiPlayBags here.
They are only rm 28 each.
But wait!!!
Leave a comment here to win a Buy1Free1 promotion.
I have 3 vouchers for you to win!
This is perfect as Christmas goody bags or gifts for little kids :)
Winners will be selected randomly and announced on 5th DEC 2014
The voucher is valid till 31st December 2014.

You can follow CreativeBaobei on Facebook here
It's so yummilicious looking I feel like eating their page :p

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