Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Messy Art: I Am Absolutely Not Too Young To Paint

Tiger's 19.5 months

and he loves art/painting/making a mess

I love it too...

So, we a team  =)

There is a plaster art store in Empire Shopping Gallery in Subang Jaya (opposite Kidzsport) and luckily, they don't have an age limit. So, my 19 month old toddler's good to go...he he.

You only have to pay for the plaster of choice and they provide the paint and space.
I chose a photo frame for him so that he could give it to grandma/daddy later.

The frame was a little gloomy and ermmm, dirty but that's not the point..

I can spend the whole day watching him paint.
The way he holds the brush, the way he focuses...
It must be love....

He tried to 'chop chop'

Happy boy!
He kept laughing when he tipped the frame over and I shouted, "Oopsie daisy"

Another smile for the proud mama.
Gosh, I love the moments when he is genuinely happy like this..
the best part is, they seem to be infectious and I get the same smile too  :)

The professional artist shot, complete with the thinking look..

Arrghhh, he is so sweet,  I can eat him....

When he finished and we were cleaning up, he tried to clean ALL the tables, chairs AND floor!
Nope, we didn't get a discount :(

He's such scaredy cat, he likes his rides stationary.
Yeah....he is scared of loud noises and fireworks as well.
Still hugs my legs when he is around strangers, which I must admit, I LOVE...
makes me feel like a protective Tiger Mama....ROOAARRRR!

Mommy's Favourite

My two fav little people in the world

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