Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Art & Craft: Simplest Bird Feeder

This craft took approximately 10 minutes.

Stuff needed:
2 CD sticker labels
White tray
Bird seeds
Pipe cleaners
One excited kiddo

It was also an excellent sensory tray..
Tiger enjoyed pushing the seeds around.
He didn't try to eat them but he did scatter them all over the place..
Definitely an outdoor activity!

I demonstrated one side and gave him the other

The finished product!
I attached an old CD between the two sticker sheets for support
and tied them together with a pipe cleaner.

We hung it and waited for the birds...
We are still waiting..hehe

*The Bird Watcher*

 Washing up at the pond while grinning.
He knew he wasn't allowed to do that..monkey face!

Update: I have been informed by dear MIL that the birds have been nibbling off the feeder!


Chelle said...

Your post has just brightened my day! It's funny how you put 'one excited kiddo' in the stuff required for creating a bird feeder. The process seems simple, and the photos are very beautiful. I hope that you continuously enjoy your bird feeding experience!

Unique said...

simple and nice

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