Monday, 6 February 2012

Reading: Phonics Play

Tiger's 19.5 months

Tiger has a thing for reading and phonics at the moment and I am following his lead.

Hence, I created a phonics station which consist of:
Alphabet chart (no pictures)
A fold able table
Letters s, n, a, p, i, t

    Pretty simple..

    Here he was dancing with the magnetic set.
    This was his favourite fridge magnets, by far....
    We also have the Alpha Pet Explorer but this is a clear winner for phonics

    Here, he was looking for the alphabet T on the chart

    The bottom part of the chart says: Let's learn to write! way, my lil' man.
    Then, he would think it's ok to write on my super clean walls.
    Instead, I just gave him some puffy stickers to match

    This boy loves stickers. Which kid doesn't?

    First I ask him to look for the matching magnet. Easy enough.
    When he gets it right, he gets to place the sticker on the chart.
    Even if he did not get it, I'll still have to let him sticker or else....he's going to cry...
    Yeah, he's sensitive =)

    He still needs help finding the letters with the chart being so big.
    To avoid frustration, when he asks for help, I'll point from a distance

    When he sees it, he will shout "There!"
    As he says, "peh, peh, peh", he places P

    I am doing so many letters at once because he already knows most of those I laid out.
    We will move slower with those he needs more exposure.
    Certain letters like P and the vowels are easy for him.

    He calls Letter N, 'Mmm"   =.="
    A little problem with T as well..

    Is it too much?

    Hmm, we are talking about a boy who is hungry for more everyday.
    He prefers 'study' than going out
    and cries for school whenever I come home from work.


    afiq-ctmm said...

    Hi Jess, is the Alphabet chart has magnetic on it? Searching for it but no where to find them. Where can I get one like this? Thanks.

    Btw, how's little tiger now? Hope that he is getting better. Take care

    Jessica said...

    Hi dear,

    The chart is from Popular bookstore and it is non magnetic.
    Supposed to use for writing practise but more fun with stickers ;P.

    I recently cut it into half so that it is not so confusing.

    afiq-ctmm said...

    thanks Jess :) take care!

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