Tuesday, 14 February 2012

When Tiger Was 1 Year Old

I started this blog when Tiger was already 14.5 months old.

This post is in response to San's comment(@ D is for Dinosaur) regarding our activities at one year old.  I had to look back at some of the older pictures to see what we did before Dinosaur week (14.5 months).
I forgot!! :p

Apparently, I was already a crazy Mommy then.

This was the study room then as compared to the current layout.
Behind the hugging Mommy and Tiger, are his
1. Bookshelves
2. Tot trays on the floor.
3. PC for e-flashcards

His puzzles on the bookcase

Some of the stuff we did:

Reading with Daddy. This is very rare.
I am the only 'nerd' in the family.
Now, with Tiger, there are two =)

My giggly boy.
He was fascinated but also scared of the pipe cleaners.
He was removing and inserting them into the old Happy Baby puff canister.

On the trays were:
1. Some counting bears and an ice tray for one-to-one correspondence
2. Some cups for pouring (palmar grasp)
3. A box with some random stuff (sensory)

Most of the trays that I put out then was for fine motor practise.
They build the foundation for writing later on.
Tiger had an immature tripod grip from the time he started scribbling, without my saying.

Here is my Montessori Curriculum that I complied from multiple sources.
The sensorial part of Montessori rocks but unfortunately they cost a limb plus the liver.
I substituted with other playthings such as stacking blocks.
The best part about Tot Trays is you can use just about anything and save on the cost.

Children around this age are usually still mouthing.
DO be careful with the small knick knacks.
Tiger has never put things into his mouth during school time but I always keep a close eye.

Other stuff we did:

We also did a lot of flash cards initially but he was not so into reading, so I just eased off and focused on math and music because those were the things that he loved.

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