Monday, 13 February 2012

Tot Trays: Valentine-Inspired

Valentine's Week Setup

Little Tiger is 20 months

This week's trays are inspired by Valentine's Day.
There are no specific categories to the trays this week
 I was just gathering whatever I can find that exudes love and all that mushiness..ha ha

We are not a big fan of commercialised gifts & flowers, so there is no hot date for Mommy :(
I'd rather spend it with Tiger anyways...

1. Dot painting & V for Valentine printout

2. Sticker activity with printout from here
For one to one correspondence

3. Messy art activity
Heart-shaped soap dispenser to dilute the paint a little (more economical, he he!)
& also to work those little muscle

4. Some red/yellow dough with some cookie cutter

5. Sorting activity
He has to sort the pink and red hearts into the respective containers
The containers are good for opening and closing practice too.

6. Inserting tacky hearts into container

7. Music tray:
Note E
We are adding the keyboard this week

8. Love-themed books

Happy Valentine's y'all!!

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There are literally hundreds of ideas!!
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Preserving Beauty said...

Wonderful ideas for little kiddos this age! Thanks!

So Many Obsessions ~ Amanda said...

I linked over from the link up and OMG I'm so glad I did! I spent forever last night looking at various tot school posts, the getting started page, etc. I've been wanting to get started on something like this with my toddler (21 months) but had absolutely no idea where to start or how to do it properly. Thanks!!!

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