Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Messy art: Our Piece Of Space

We try to do something artsy-crafty everyday since Tiger's a little older now.
Well, I think he's OLD for his age except when he whines, clings or throw tantrums.

We missed messy art yesterday as we went for his DPT booster.

Note: I CANNOT imagine myself sticking a needle into my son's cute buttocks. So, I get other people to do it.

When we arrived at the hospital, he flirted with the nurses  =.="
This time, he stood on the weighing machine by himself. 
Simply because I told him to find number 10
As we entered the examination room, he started telling Grandma to, "Go, go, go"
The wailing started the moment we tried to remove his diapers (he has nudity issues)
UNTIL I said,
"There is a spider in your pants and we are going to catch it"
After the jab, he was pissed and wanted to leave immediately.
He kept rubbing his butt after that :)
I found that so funny that I kept asking him, "Where did the spider bite?"
"THERE!!!" he shouted as he patted his butt.

At night, he got an ice cream treat from Mommy and we played school as usual. No truancy!!
Oh, and he complained to Daddy when he came home ^.^

We did make a mess on Tuesday night and it was from this tray.

When I said, "Do you want to paint?"
He immediately ran to his supply drawer where I keep his art stuff and pulled out another bottle of yellow paint.
Then he opened his closet to select his swimwear!!
It was 8 o'clock at night and there was no way he was swimming after art :)
When I told him that, he settled for the Thomas swimming cap  
That's why he is wearing a swimming cap indoors, on dry land in the following pics.

I laid out his splash mat, a large IKEA container (for mess control), a small container for paint,
and his foam shapes.

After he covered the paper in paint,
I squeezed some glue onto his art and gave him a bottle of silver glitter.
It was shake, shake, shake = fun, fun, fun time :)

I added a border for a more finished look.
When I asked Daddy "Nice or not?"
He replied without really looking, "Ummm, nice."
Irritated, I questioned him "Do you know what this is?"
He squinted at the piece and said "Mickey Mouse?"
@$%#@@...Mickey Mouse!

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