Thursday, 26 April 2012

Letter: Tiger's 22 months and Dragon's 29 weeks

Dear Tiger,

Time for another letter, my love.

Despite the fact that I try to capture glimpses of your childhood as much as I can, I still feel like I am failing in so many places and losing out to time.

In 2 months, you will be 2 years old. TWO!! It's the hormones wrecking my tear ducts...*wipes tears*

When I am old and wrinkly, I can imagine myself going through our blog and reading about our crazy adventure in homeschooling. How proud I am that you love to learn.

I just want to make a note here that it is NOT about the fact that you know your A to Z or that you love numbers. It is our special Mommy-Tiger bonding time. It is here in your study room that I sit in a corner and watch you as you put together puzzles, learn your words or simply gleeful from making a mess. It's just different from being anywhere else.

You always make me smile and laugh. I was just thinking the other day, if one kid gives me such happiness, I really can't wait for another to join us :)

I must admit that I am happiest when I see you dance and sing in your goofy manner, espcially when you sing The Planet Song where you stick your tongue out after getting tongue-tied from reciting the planets so quickly. It always sounded like this "eee-ry, ehehehehhehehehehehheeh, Neptune!"

Grandma love watching you perform to the Push and Pull song, where you will fall to the ground, then get up quickly to jump. Then you will spin round and round and blow like the wind.

At 22 months, you surprise me daily with new words like: dark, wear, hold, put, feet. You are calling all beverages soup.

Your fav phrase at the moment is, "Uh-oh, who? *Tiger*

Here are some of my fav moments with you:

Naming the planets, at least ten times a day

 When I asked for a smile, you gave me this:

Copying the ELC expression flashcards

<<< >>>

Dear Little Dragon,

Currently, we are at 29 weeks POG and Mommy's enlarging in all directions...hehe

You are quite the jabber cum kicker.
Already, you are making waves :)

We had a 3D scan last week and I thought you looked like me, until
Daddy said you were alien-like.

Yeah, I felt like kicking him then. Not that I am a violent person...

Can't wait to meet you when the moment arrives...

PS: I really hope you look like me...hehe

<<< >>>

At 29 weeks:

Appetite: Increasing (bad news)
Waistline: history
Weight: 54.5kg
Sex drive: Nil...LOL!

With lotsa LOVE,

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