Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Art & Craft: Glitter Star

I hot-glued a tongue depressor star for Tiger to apply his creative side.

The glitter paint tubes are from ELC (30% discount)

Very nice consistency and easy to squeeze tubes, unlike the cheapo China ones.

See how he enjoyed it?
This is the first time he crafted so intently till he needed to be prone.

In the evening, I filled up the giant pool but my boss refused to get into the water o.O
So, we made a mess instead.

He insisted that the puppets must be around.
The tiger puppet nearly drowned in the pool :p
The monkey got dirty.
Casualties of art...

At the end of the day, Tiger:

1. Slipped on the paint and got a bump on the back of his head
2. Scratched his left cheek from playing 'Mommy Monster' indoors
3. Bruised his right cheek from falling in crawling tunnel

Bad mommy moment!!
Grandma must be secretly glad I am usually working...
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