Sunday, 8 April 2012

Toys: Bouncy, bouncy fun

We had a pool party on Saturday with the usual suspects.
(pictures to be included after I seek permission)

We brought out the pool, a small sand pit, the water table and a NEW bouncy toy.

I made some sandwiches and lemonade.
Auntie Sharon made jelly and apple crumble.

Here's my party pooper / pool cleaner / sand scooper.
He was cranky due to the fact that he didn't get his 2 hours afternoon nap,
all thanks to Prettichubbi's thundering voice :p

Using the pool party as an excuse, I purchased a bouncy toy.
It was on sale, okay?
Also, that means I don't have to buy a trampoline, we have a new reading cum chill-out spot,
Tiger gets more get the idea :)

Here's my boy enjoying himself post-party/following morning:


On Sunday, we had steamboat dinner at home &
then I spent the whole evening redoing his playroom.

We dragged the bouncy thing indoor. ('We' would be the help and I)
Tiger had so much fun filling it up with balls and pillows.
We camped inside, reading and chilling out till bedtime.

He was a little upset about the missing slide..actually, he threw a tantrum..he he
Then he asked for the water table (sans legs).
He said, "Boat!!", sat in it with the alphabets and started singing.
I love his imaginary play  ^.^

My hubby 'helping out' in front of the TV, using Tiger's tunnel as blanket


Anonymous said...

wow....where u bought the bouchy toys? that look great,but..i think u had keep it in store now? :P big is the small pool u bought for messy play ar?


Jessica Tan said...

Zoe, the bouncy toy is from hole ady...sigh.
I repaired it but Tiger is non interested anymore. I blame my sister for egging me to buy it.

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