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Tot School: Home Practise Schedule From 9 to 18 months

This is not a new post. This was Tiger's daily one hour schedule since September 2011, last updated Feb 2012.

I am just saving the old page here so that I don't lose it under the mounds of 'saved' stuff in Tiger's folder. We have a 'new schedule' under the Headers if you are interested :)

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Tiger LOVE learning and because there is so much to do, we tend to go off course. So, we have a rough guide that evolves with Tiger as he grows.

Currently, our curriculum is a blend of:

Tiger’s daily 1-hour home practice schedule

      Welcome Song & Theme Song
8 minutes hug (rarely successful with a squirmy toddler)
Praise good points
Talk about day

2.   Eye & breathing exercises
Eye: Optic light/colour flash & follow the object; like puppets
Breathing: Blowing exercises (this will later translate into alpha wave relaxation classes when he's older)

3.   Math
Little Math
Skip counting/beads counting (he loves skip counting most)

4.   Vocabulary/Phonics/Theme work

   Tweedlewink class
1.       Chinese Little Reader (Brillkids)
2.       Odonata books
3.       Chinese flashcards (rarely)
4.       Chinese books
Doing Brillkid's a pain in the ass nowadays.
If he doesn't like it, I'll do Starfall, singing, reading, etc          
1.       Little Reader (English)
2.       Phonics/starfall     

1.       Chinese LR
2.       Sequencing/puzzles
3.       ESP/memory play (Shichida work)

1.       LR
2.       Music & World Study

1.       Free day/make-up day (if we missed any class)

1.       Art & Craft/ Messy art OR
2.       Shopping OR
3.       Field trip/grandma’s

Everyday activities (he chooses any of these, sometimes all, sometimes none, usually some):
Drawing/Dot painting/Sticker
Tot trays (Montessori activities) and music tray
Speedplay (Theme cards+ tweedlewink cards) I flash about 2 cards per second.
Sensory tub
Reading: I have to use puppets to engage him.
*During this time, I'll leave the Tweedlewink DVDs on. He doesn't like to sit and watch. He'll be busy with everything else and only pay attention to Perfect Pitch and Math.

Thank you song and I love you and kiss..muaksss…
Clean up song (Usually I am the only one cleaning)

I don't torture my son. He loves his study room more than his playroom. He has a section in the living room with his in-rotation toys which is where he spends most of his time.

If I give him the option of choosing between going out or studying, he would ALWAYS ask for study!

Well, if I ask ice cream or study? He would choose ice cream. Who wouldn't?

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