Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Tot Trays: S is For Star and Space

~~Tiger's 21.5 months ~~

Welcome to Space Week presented in trays!
This week, I am trying to focus the trays on space-y stuff.
We moved the educational toys & puzzles to his new IKEA shelf in the living room.
<<< >>>
S is for star printout from 1+1+1 = 1
& stickers
A craft basket:
A hot-glued tongue depressor star and some shiny stars
I printed out 2 sets of space cards just to see if he prefers the actual pics or the cartoon-y ones.
The ones on the left are the Planets 3 part cards from MontessoriMom.com.
We are using them for matching only.
The cards on right are printed from the Space Tot pack at 2teachingmommies
This tray consist of a phases of the moon card from Tweedlewink,
a scratch card and a wooden tongue depressor (to scratch out the moons)
We will most definitely not get the moons but it would be fun to see the colours :)
These are some space themed gel window clings that we are using on a clear display

Some foam stars, moon and planet and a bottle of paint
to make our own solar system.
Magnet page from Makinglearningfun and some glass beads.
Worksheets and printouts
To break the monotony of space, some numbers work :)

The top of the shelf's a little messy :p

On the left:
  • Alphie with S card
  • Music box (tuning fork and bell for note A)
  • Mr Schubert's pic and POI
On the right:
  • Right brain stuff in basket: Chinese, Doman, Dolch, ESP, memory, expressions, TW actions card.
  • Trace letter S, sandpaper S, touchy-feely S
  • TW flashcards of Earth structure, Solar system and life cycle of star

Tiger's been enjoying the space center and his sensory bin very much.
I am hoping he loves the trays too!
More wonderful resources and ideas from:
  1. Montessori-inspired Astronomy activities from Living Montessori Now
  2. Preschooler trays from Counting Coconuts
  3. A detailed month of science unit on Solar System from Nurturing the Tender Years


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