Friday, 6 April 2012

Letter: Terrible Two & Stuff

Letter to Tiger Thursday Friday

Dear Tiger,

It has been a while since I wrote a letter. You can blame your sister for wrecking my hormones and making me lazy. So, this is going to be long one.

I still think you are growing up way too fast. I wish I can prolong each day so that I can devour all your cuteness before we fast forward to 15 years down the line and I can imagine you smoking and telling me "Get a life".

Lately you have actually acquired hair. Yes, hair!!! Thank God. Your hair is no longer spiky and sparse which means, now you look like Daddy even more. *grumble grumble*

The haircut last weekend seemed to come with a complimentary personality change. To suit the new style, perhaps? Even Daddy and Auntie Sharon commented that the new style makes you look 'naughty'. Unfortunately, I have to agree with them. Now, I have a son who is rambunctious and loud as well as demanding. The Terrible Two has officially arrived.

Don't worry, when you came into my world, you were given a lifetime pass to my heart. I will never love you any less even when you drive me up the wall. Or when you make me climb up and butt shuffle down the stairs twenty times (which, by the way, you really did make me do!). Or tell me I cannot use the bathroom (it's your sister, again, in this case. I have to pee every hour or so).

Oh, because you have so much sass now, you pretty much dictate school time. here's a sample of what went on during 'school day/night':

Date: 5th April 2011
Venue: Tiger's home

Time: 6 pm.
After work, I drove home as fast as possible because I missed you so much. When I reached, I could hear you shout, "Ma ma, ma ma ma" before I open the car door  ^.^  Do you miss me too?
I smothered you with kisses and hugs. You pushed me away. Not cool, huh?
Then I asked, "Painting"
You shook your head.

Nods and Cheshire cat grin.

You pretended that you wanted to drink when in fact you wanted to fill up the pool.

We crafted a bit with stars and mod-podge mix. No attire needed. It was freaking HOT!

Then, you enjoyed playing with the water hose. Who needs toys?

We bathe outdoors.
I am so sorry I made you slip on the wet floor. I was trying to get you out of the pool, so I said the magic words "Ipad?"
You literally jumped out and ran indoors. See, magic?
Unfortunately, you slipped sideways and fell. Then it was bawling-your-eyes-out in front of Grandma just to make me look bad.
No worries, Ipad to the rescue. You stopped the drama the moment I handed it over.

8pm: After Mommy showered, washed hair and had dinner
Tot School Time
I only managed to flash one set of cards. You said no to all the trays. Brat!!
Played with the sensory bin. Poured out all the beans!!
You made me read out loud each of the planet's name at least twenty times.

When I suggested reading, you made a sign which looked like a cross between 'milk' and 'little bit'.
"Little bit?"
"Nai nai? (Grandma)"
You gave me look. (Translation: "What an idiot!)
Then you opened the door and asked to go down.
"Are you hungry?"
Gave me another look (Probably with an expletive if you could speak well)
We went down and you went straight for the puppets, making your high-pitched puppet voice.
LOL!! You wanted your reading pals...Silly me :p
You were signing puppets + dancing. Darn it!
Why couldn't you just say "E-E"?
We read a little.

 Then, you chose to do See & Spell.

Time: 8.30pm
Milk break

Time: 9pm
Play dough time

Time: 9.20pm
Tiger's teaching time, also the highlight of Mommy's day
Your speech and language is developing rapidly and I am so proud of you!
You made mommy write the alphabets as you recite them. A few bumps along the way but it was excellent work, ba-beeeeee!!

Time: 10 plus
Little J came to play for a while.

Time: Almost 11pm
Daddy came home. You stole some rice from Daddy
Prepare for bedtime with Grandma. Changing into pyjamas is still a nightmare.
Daddy put your shorts onto Mr Teddy Bear :)
Made me smell you feet and wave bye bye, telling me to go.

Goodnight, my love

Your eternal slave....Mommy
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