Thursday, 19 April 2012

Messy art: Textured Brush Painting

I have decided to post our flops for several reasons:
  1. A reminder to repeat these flopped activities in the future.
  2. To share the gritty reality of what happens during school.
  3. Sometimes, it ain't easy. Infact, it's a lot of work. There are breakdowns, tantrums, tears in between the giggles. I just want to capture the the other side of the coin.
  4. Most of the time, things just don't go the way I planned in my head and I must learn to accept and adapt :)

So here's flop Number 1:

Tiger requested for painting last night. Come to think of it, he didn't ask. He just went to his art drawers and took out a bottle of paint. Then, he made an exaggerated effort to uncap the bottle, while giving me his puppy-eyed look.

Mommy: Painting?
Tiger     : Nods head.
Mommy: What colours do you want? You can have three.
Tiger     : Purple
Mommy: Gave him a container to put his bottles of paint, naming the colours as he did it. Lifting a bottle of green paint. What colour is this, baby?
Tiger     : Purple
Mommy: Okay, boss. You win...

After I set up his messy art stuff, I realised that my camera battery pack's empty. Darn!!!

I quickly went out of the study to charge the battery, Tiger tagged along and decided to help himself to more paint. The art supplies drawer is just outside his study. =.="

I could smell the stink of failure looming close by....

These are his textured brushes form ELC (30+10% discount)
You can easily make these. I am just too lazy.

I clipped a cloth onto his foldable table and demonstrated to him.
He tried it ONCE.
All he wanted to do was....

Play with water  o.O

 After he's done pouring, he would
sign "more",
say "more"
Point to my bathroom to refill 

I'll say, "No"
then "Okay, last time" 

Repeat process 5 times.

This was the end result :)

Not all was wasted

In the end , we didn't produce art but Mommy got a hug ^.^
a very satisfied 22 month old who got his way

Totally worth it despite the flop!

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