Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Water Beads Bin

I have been meaning to do this for a while now and started hunting for them since last year.
Lo and behold they were in the neighbourhood. The GLEE and JOY!
I bought these water beads from a nearby plant nursery, ermmm, during Chinese New Year.

Yeah, that's how long they have been waiting patiently for me to add water and make them oh-so-fun.

Water beads are super water absorbing co-polymer, the same material used to make contact lenses.
They are non toxic and if ingested by animals they come out the looking the same  :)
They can last for two years and re-watered as necessary.

I soaked 2 packets for 8 hours and during that time I could not keep my hands away. Funny how I felt the same way about my hubby not too long ago. Muahahahaha  *Note: to delete last sentence before sharing blog with Tiger.

Tiger enjoyed the bin very much.
He couldn't keep away too :)
Really, if I could soak my hands, feet and heck immerse myself in a tub of these,
I'll probably never lose my temper again.

 I kept his pacifier on the entire time just in case he thinks they are gummies.
He didn't try to eat any but these suckers are real tempting.
Oh, and they bounce like anything.
If your child is a thrower, you may want to do it outdoors

To dispose, just mix into your soil.
Not recommended for plants indoors in Malaysia as they may serve as mosquito breeders.

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