Monday, 23 April 2012

Free play: Bubbly Magic

Like most shopaholic moms, I have been thinking about purchasing a bubble machine for a looong time now. 

Every kid I know love bubbles. There is something uplifting and magically fascinating about these little floaters...

Why a bubble machine? What's wrong with a bubble wand?

Have you tried blowing, erm, bubbles continuously for 5 minutes? become lightheaded and giddy after a while. I've tried delegating the job to my help but the OCD me kept imagining her saliva and droplets on the bubbles. Tiger tries to catch the bubbles with his mouth at, no thank you.

So, I was waiting for a bubble machine to go on sale ever since .

When I found out that ELC was having a 50% discount for their bubble machine, it was a must buy for me. Imagine my horror when they were sold out by the first few days. Darn x 1000! Apparently there are a lot of crazy mamas out there :p

I managed to buy a large bottle of bubble solution at 50% discount,
Here are some DIY bubble recipes to try out.
Personally, I have yet to try any.
 If I DIY, it will take 2 years, just like the Borax sitting in the drawer, or the water beads.

No bubble machine = no fun!
So, I bought a hand held bubble maker (not on discount. *boo*)

Still, no regrets in the end because Tiger could work it!
It came with small container to dip which require some precision.

Then, just press the button and presto, BUBBLES!
This one was a little alien-looking :p


I am going to start making my own bubble solution because at least half will end up on the floor :)

Other ideas from the blog world:

Experiment with different objects as bubble wands.
Maybe with water dispenser for self service?

Like this uber cute one

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