Sunday, 22 April 2012

Tot Trays: No Theme Week @ 22 Months

We are taking a small break from Space Week because if I have to listen to The Solar System Song again...

As much as I dread the song, it is receiving lotsa airplay as it is still one of his Top 10 Songs at the moment. I think the Felt planets are to blame..hehe...but they are holding up very well despite daily use.

Since he is so in love with music and dancing, I have enrolled him for Kinder Beat. It is an Australian music and movement class tailored for 2-4 years old. We are starting our first lesson this weekend, so I have another 5 days to warm up the idea to Tiger.

The Music Kit that cost RM 145 :p
A bear, a book and a CD
Lessons are an hour long weekly, non-replaceable.
Fee: RM80/month

The very neat Tot Tray shelf

The not so neat classroom :p
He still has his Space station, Space sensory bin and posters.

On the shelf:

I've noticed that Tiger's fine with the pictures or picture-words cards.
He absolutely hates the words (Doman-style) ones

So, this week, we are doing colourful one :)

Clockwise from 1 o'clock:
1. ELC alphabet touchy-feely.
2. ELC expressions card
3. TW actions card
4. Colourful animals card. For speedplay

 Threading blocks

 Multi-combination puzzle.

Map and pegged flag puzzle

Number chips to introduce teens

Category box
 my old jewelery box to keep the chips (to entice him)

This week's rather simple because Mommy need a break :)

I am thinking of doing Weather many fun ideas!

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