Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Parenting: Why Some Men Make Poor 'Mothers'?

Disclaimer: This post is in no way refering to all men out there, just the spolit, old-fashioned ones, like my dear hubby :)


Dear hubby/Daddy man has never:
1. Changed or intend to change a diaper
2. Prepare formula milk. He fed Tiger once when he was really little. I think he'd gotten cramps after that.
3. Do housework.
4. Make his own instant noodles.
5. Geez, I am making him sound so bad. I'll stop but trust me, I could go on and on :p

When we decided to get married I knew exactly what I was getting into, him being the only son. So, I ain't complaining. As long as he hires a help to do the housework, I am A-okay :p

Not that I no longer clean, I am borderline OCD afterall.

Back to parenting, here's a sample of events that took place over the weekend:

What happened when Daddy decided to come home early on Friday to spend time with Tiger?

Daddy did not latch the safety gate on top of the stairs and Tiger tumbled down five steps. He ended up with a HUGE, MONSTROUS bump on his forehead. Luckily, the help was coming up the stairs and she broke the fall. Otherwise, I would have thrown Daddy down the stairs. Tiger was alright with no broken bones or neurological deficits but my heart chipped a bit.

Saturday was uneventful because Tiger spent the day with Grandma and I sans Daddy. I bought a ton of books for him from Bookxcess to make up for the boo-boo. Mostly pop-up books that he loves.

On Sunday, we to KLCC. Daddy wanted to spy on the competition at the PC expo. Not that he would enjoy book-shopping with us. Tiger loves bookstores. He kept pulling out books from the rack and telling me, "BOOKS!!" 

 I topped up my reading list as well :)

Because I love Daddy too, I bought him one book
I tagged him on Facebook and he said, "Very funny meh?"
I could tell the was trying to suppress his laugh.

 After dinner at my parent's place, Tiger wanted to 'play' summore.
He asked for his dino toothbrush and the shaving cream.
We 'cleaned' his wild animals.
We are learning about wild animals in Tweedlewink at the moment.
This is a revision but Tiger didn't have to know that. =.<
That's learning with Mommy.
You can still see the bump on his forehead in this pic

After a quick shower by Mommy, obviously, we played school.
Daddy decided to impart some knowledge too.
My two boys were playing with the dinos when suddenly Daddy started laughing.

This was what he did...
Okay, I laughed too and called him a "teenager"
I think he took it as a compliment..sigh
It's alright because my mum's dogs do this all the time.
See why some men make poor mothers?
I would never, ever in a million years do this!

PS: Babe, I still love you, for better or for worse....
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