Monday, 22 August 2011

DIY: Sandpaper letters

This has been done to death on the Montessori blogs but I just wanted to share mine :)

Used for:
This is a multi-sensory approach to teaching letter sound. The child will hear the sound, see its form and feel the way it is written. Since a motor pattern should be learned correctly from the first time, it is very important that the child trace formed letters properly. This will help him develop a good foundation for handwriting later.

1. Print out free template to make sandpaper letter from

Link to print (arial font) lowercase alphabets:

Link to print (arial font) uppercase alphabet:

Link to cursive lowercase:

2. Cut out individual letters. Pain in the ass part.
Lowercase alphabets cut from printouts

3. Trace the outline of the above cutouts onto sandpaper.
Make sure the front/printed part is facing the sandpaper.
You don't want to induce dyslexia in your child.

4. Cut from sandpaper. Even bigger pain in the ass.
Sandpaper cutouts
5. Admire your crazy work
Tadaaa!! I'd reckon it's quite nice.

1. Sandpapers: RM0.50 per piece. (I used 3 pieces for 2 sets of lowercase)
Why 2 sets? Back up plan. I doubt I will do this again in the near future

2. Cardboard/cardstock: RM 1.40 from Popular Bookstore
It's so cheap I think they counted wrongly.
Blue: consonant
pink: vowels
Supposed to be blue for vowels but I like the blue more.
Me, not strict Montessorian. I like it this way.

For proper method of 3 lesson period, go to:
(Caution: Very long article. I only covered the 'fun' parts)

Difficulty: 1/5

Your price: RM 2.90

Retail price: RM 190.00

Original product (made of wood, not paper)
Happy DIY-ing!!

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