Saturday, 13 August 2011

Home practice schedule

How do I get Little Tiger to practice nightly? I use the word 'study' with him. He gets very excited and signs 'up'/'book' to go upstairs to his study room. I think by using the word 'study' so often, it has been linked to fun and excitement in him. Isn't it wonderful when he is all grown up and still shows this kind of enthusiasm to studying?

We spend about 1 hour every night studying. Sometimes less and that's ok too. So, this is our modified schedule after I discovered tot school and incorporated more elements into our study time.

 Tiger’s daily 1-hour home practice schedule (from August 2011)

      1. Welcome Song & Theme Song
8 minutes hug
Praise good points
Talk about day

2.       Eye & breathing exercises
Optic light/puppet/colour flash

3.       Math
Little Math
Skip counting/beads counting

4.       Vocabulary/Phonics/Theme work

1.       Chinese LR
2.       Odonata books
3.       Chinese flashcards
4.       Chinese books

Chinese reader pen          
1.       LR
2.       Phonics/starfall
3.       Pre writing/tracing
4.       Dot stamping/sticker

1.       Chinese LR
2.       Sequencing/puzzles
3.       ESP/memory play (Shichida work)

1.       LR
2.       Music & World Study

1.       Free day/make-up day

1.       Art & Craft/water play & science
2.       Shopping
3.       Field trip/grandma’s

Everyday activities:  tot trays (Montessori activities), speedplay (Theme cards+ tweedlewink cards) ,sensory tub

Thank you song and I love you and kiss..muaksss….

This is actually the modified/simplified version 2.0. The earlier version was stressing me out. O.o
Too much or too little? I like it, It's how we roll, Little Tiger & I..
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