Tuesday, 16 August 2011

A reminder to myself on parenting

I am married to a man who could have been my father's twin. Hardworking, charming and smart. Swears occasionally, tends to worsen with age. Both drink like sailors and they will never show affection in public.

When I was younger, I've always seen my father belittle my mother, even in public. She never went to high school and failed most subjects in primary school. I often wondered as a child if my father really loved her. Never seen them hug or kiss or say 'I love you'. Very typical Chinese Asian. Then, a year ago when mother was not well, father held her hand in bed. It was a simple gesture and yet I was surprised and I can still remember the image very vividly. I want to remember the moment forever.

That's how I want Tiger to remember us, his parents.With love, nothing extravagant, just plain and simple love...

Grandma (with niece, Chubby) & Grandpa with Tiger
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