Sunday, 14 August 2011

How to lose your post baby flab?

When I first found out that I was pregnant with Tiger, the first thing I did was to run out to get Palmer's body oil and tons of body butter. Yes, I am so vain and shallow. I was petrified of stretch marks. My mum had it, so that means genetically I was screwed. Did I get it? YES...damn those body oil. On the other hand my sister who was super lazy and never did a thing didn't get a single line or dot....WTF!!??

Well, the truth was because I am a shorty ( I'm only 5 ft 3') and the fact that I had put on a whopping 17 kg during my pregnancy, it was really just a nutter's fantasy to think that I would be spared. Was it bad? Nah, Just at the suprapubic area. Can still wear my bikini but high cut la. Did I lose all the 17 kg? Yes!! And honestly I didn't do much. Not a single diet program or exercise. Ha ha. What I did was absolutely free and anybody can do it. 

Just suck it up and breastfeed your baby. I tried very hard and failed to breast feed Tiger directly. My Tiger, like his namesake was a feisty little dude. He simply refused to latch on. I had to supplement with formula but that's ok. Finally I resorted to fully expressing my breast milk.  I think breastfeeding is like ballroom dancing, if one partner has 2 left feet, it just isn't going to work. It's lots of work of pumping, washing the pump parts, sterilizing, warm up the milk, feed the baby, wash the bottles...arrgghh...but, happy baby = sane mummy.

Well, Tiger's 14 months now and I am still expressing.

Benefit of breastfeeding so far:

He's gotten viral fever once but fed well and was active despite high grade fever. It was over in 4 days. Occasional diarrhea and mild eczema during teething. Otherwise, height and weight is 50th to 75th centile.

Developmentally, he's about 18 month old, so I guess that's good.

Mummy get to save money on formula. Enfa formula is damn expensive..

Mummy lost all the chubbiness of pregnancy.BONUS!!

This is why I breastfeed :)

3 months post baby: still fat at 55 kg

Tiger's 1 year old: back to 47 kg!!
Note to self. Arms still flabby

 The saying, 9 months up, 9 months down was so true for me. Well, I am just grateful to be able to wear all my old clothes except the button shirts. Some areas are still big, which is a bonus too.

So ladies if you are too busy or lazy to exercise, simply breastfeed or like my case, express! A lot of women I know lost their baby weight this way and I am living proof :)

Update  Oct 2012:

It is the battle against the dreaded post baby weight again. Since I gained 12 kilos this pregnancy, at 3 months post partum, I am 50 kgs.  I am still too lazy/tired to exercise and this time I am breastfeeding exclusively. Fingers crossed that I will lose all the weight again. Another 2 kilos to go....gambateh!!

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