Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Tot School: No Theme Week @ 22.5 months

No theme means:

He is likely to be bored with the trays because Mommy didn't put much thought into them :p
I have to admit that the tot trays were pretty pathetic..ha ha.
So, he wandered off to choose his own activities and I got to see his latest obsessions.

I know a lot of parents are advocates of free play but I prefer to have a little structure.
I find that he learns a little more with a theme.
For example, during Space week, he learned the names of the planets.
According to Tiger, they are: Meh-ry, V, Eaff, Much, Ter, A-turn, ____, Neptune.
He is still crazy about the planets :)

Category box.
Out of all the chips I laid out, he was only into shapes, numbers and animals.
Too simple? I am not sure..

Tiger is finally working independently on this!
He created a block-snake in the end :)

Similar set from Bumbletoys. (RM 25)

He ONLY wanted to put puffy flag stickers on the map and
wasn't too interested in the flags puzzle.
The globe is still a fav.
World map with flags RM 38

Numbers obsession:
My little number geek.

"I am tall enough!"

Brainstorm Puzzle.
These chunky pieces are a little easier to manipulate compared to the tangram type.
Meant for 3 years and above but the simple ones like this fish diagram were pretty easy.
Excellent for fine motor as he had to place the pieces accurately.
He named the pieces according to the alphabets they seemed to represent :)
Brainstorm puzzle. Similiar from kids.net for rm59

More numbers work:
EVA puzzle from Giant

Art and alphabets
We dot painted some alphabets from Making Learning Fun.
He requested for alphabets ONLY

Played with bubbles
We also went to the park to feed the tortoise and took a loooong walk.

Flanimals pop-up book by Ricky Gervais
Pretty scary

Noah's Ark play set by Rod Campbell
From Bookxcess for less than RM 20
Noah's Ark Play Set

Learning about animals more than the story
Noah's Ark from Bookxcess



We attended our first lesson last Saturday and surprisingly, he did not cry!
Major relief for me because he initially asked to "Go, Go"
 Translated: Let's go, I don't want to be here.
I had to coax him gently.
Fortunately, he participated in all the activities and was able to follow along.
He even gave his teacher and classmates hugs.
At home, he requested for Kinder Bear songs repeatedly :)


He didn't munch in class this week as I gave him the ultimatum.
 No eating or get out!
No larrrrr, he spilled the cookies, so there wasn't any left.
Which was great despite the wasted food.

He is enjoying vocabulary part, especially phonics :)
and actually stayed focused during Science and Art this week.


He is more into Little Reader than Little Math at the moment.
He would parrot along with Little Chinese as well.
I still have to bargain by offering Youtube videos in between lessons 

Speed play is ON!
He is enjoying the large, colourful animal ones.
but still rejecting the Doman ones

Hit songs
Snuggle Puppy
Planet Songs
Solar System
Five Little Monkeys

We are in the midst of Umbrella/Weather Week at the moment.
I didn't get the chance to take pictures of the trays because he went on a rampage of activities :)

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