Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Rainbow Rice Sensory Bin

I love creating sensory bins.
So much fun

In honour of our Weather Theme, I've created a rainbow in a bin.
I thought it should be very simple so that Tiger can focus on the texture and colours.

Before Tiger:
  • Coloured rice
  • Foam alphabets to form RAINBOW
  • Silicon cupcake cups
  • Small spoons

 I created the bin on Labour Day and Tiger caught me in the act of dyeing.
For instructions: go here
He did a jiggly dance, said "Scoop" repeatedly then pouted when I said "later"
(Had to dry the rice)
I left them on the mini fridge overnight to dry.

Then, last night, I asked him," Do you want to scoop rice?"
Tiger: Laughed and danced again
Mommy: Hmmm, must be a super duper YES!

At the starting of the onslaught:

5 minutes later,
LOL! I'll admit that I stirred the rice with Tiger :p

Despite the enthusiasm he showed earlier, he was tired of scooping after say, 15 minutes.
 So, I gave him the funnel from the Space bin.
Always a hit!

I must say the best moments are always the least expected ones.
I really enjoy watching my little OCD 'clean up'

Nope, he didn't clean up a single grain ^.^
He swept for at least 20 minutes before finally giving up.

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