Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Contest: Learning with Building Blocks

Mothercare Malaysia is celebrating 25 years of parenting and they are hosting a blogger's contest. Woohoo!

Of course, being the Mothercare fan that I am, this is a must-join contest. Anyone who knows me would know that I am totally in love with the brand's clothing and Early Learning Centre Toys ^.^ 
Here's my boy modelling some of his shopaholic mom's latest purchases:

For Little Tiger

For Little Dragon (who is still in utero)
I am a pro early learning mama. Therefore child-directed play is a very important part of our daily rhythm. To me, a toy is more than an object of entertainment. Good quality toys, (in terms of quality, safety and design) encompass more than just fun, it is a learning process for strenghtening of neural connections. From birth, they stimulate visual pathway development, encourage gross motor development and refine fine motor skills. If you have a variety of good quality toys like those from Melissa and Doug or ELC, you don't need a truck load of other sub-quality ones. More value for money indeed.

One of our favourites is Melissa and Doug. Here's their sweet garage story. It is pretty difficult to get Melissa and Doug products locally, more so at a discounted price.  Fortunately for me, Mothercare carries this line and when they are having sales of 20% plus extra 10% for members, SAPU!!

Since there so many of their products that Tiger enjoys playing with, I've had a hard time deciding which one to blog about.

Finally, I decided on the Deluxe Jumbo Cardboard Blocks that we purchased from Mothercare.
He plays with this DAILY.

If you are wondering why buy cardboard? (My MIL asked the same question)

Well, my Lil Tiger isn't into his Mega Bloks, Duplo or any other plastic open ended toys.

However, he loves boxes, peekaboo, and destroying towers.
Which boy doesn't?

So, this was a logical choice and I was soooo right!

Deluxe Jumbo Cardboard Blocks (40 pc)
I absolutely love open-ended toys like building blocks as they promote:

Intellectual skills
  • Promote logical thinking by focusing on size, colour, shape, weight, leverage and balance
  • Enhance spatial awareness.

Physical abilities
  • develop gross and fine motor skills
  • hand-eye coordination

Social benefits
  • Improve social capability by sharing and with friends and siblings.
  • Enhance language as imagination takes over 

When I first folded each of the thick paper board into blocks, the edges were rather pointy.
With some play, they were rounded and safe in no time.
These light weight blocks are among his must-play daily items.

Stacking and working on those fine and gross motor coordination.

 Since my Lil Dragon is still in the oven, Lil Tiger learns to share with Mommy.
We also talk about the primary colours, shapes and different sizes of the blocks.

 Working on the blocks by himself, promoting independence.

Showing off his creativity by making a home for his best friend, Meow.

Despite being made from cardboards, these blocks are really sturdy.
I foresee them lasting for a long time.
Furthermore, they are made from paper, sooo environmental friendly :)

One for the archives!

Lil Tiger is 22.5 months
Lil Dragon is 31 weeks along
Shirt & shorts: Mothercare ^.^

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ashleyprettymummy said...

Cant agree with you more on the quality of mothercare's products. I am so going to get the blocks. Worth every penny for the qualities they promote. And it's obvious that little tiger is having so much fun with the blocks. Good choice on your clothes selection by the way....

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