Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Colored Rice Ocean Sensory Bin

Yup, we have another bin. We are a little crazy about our ocean theme right now. I took the plunge and made a colored rice bin for Little Tiger. He didn't try to eat the rice but I was in hypervigilant mode nonetheless. This was super easy and fun to make.

1. I couldn't find rubbing alcohol, so I bought methylated spirit from Watson's. RM 7
2. Some food coloring. I have blue, red, yellow and green for RM 1.70 each from any mini/super market.
3. I bought the cheapest rice from Giant. About RM 12 for half kg. It says beras hancur aka cheapo rice
4. A free Nestle Bliss tumbler to mix the ingredients. Like making cocktail :)

I tried to make turquiose but they turned out forest green *grumble grumble*
Sorry about the bad lighting. It was 1 AM and I was sleepy

1. Put one cup of rice into tumbler. (Some people use jars/resealable bags. I thought the tumbler was easier)
2. Add one tsp of alcohol
3. Add one drop of food coloring (if you add more, you will get deeper colours)
4. Shake it!
5. The rice was practically dry when I set them out on the table. I didn't have wax paper, so I used the clear plastic book wrapper. Worked well enough.
6. I left them overnight cause they smelled a little weird. Odourless by morning :)
7. Decorate

My 'wavy' sea of blue rice
Before Tiger

He loved this scoop. I bought it from Daiso but you can get in mini market for RM1-2.

Tiger enjoyed covering himself in blue rice :)

He made blue starfish rice cakes

Poured the ricecakes over himself

When that wasn't enough, he poured the entire bin :)
 How I love my funny boy...

Don't think he didn't try to toss it everywhere. Of course he did :)
That's why we have a waterless pool
We manage to recycle most of it for play time at the water table
I also gave him the pacifier to prevent any drooling/rice eating.
Otherwise, I will have a blue Tiger :)

This must be one of his favourite activity thus far.
He threw a massive tantrum and kept signing 'angry' and 'more'
when it was time to stop.
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