Monday, 24 October 2011

Tot School: A Week For Recap {Letter A to J}

This week's letter & theme was supposed to be K for key and I REALLY, REALLY wish to get this:
Unfortunately, it is priced at RM 150 at Mothercare.

So, I daydream and pretend that I will be able to make this from

But I'll probably end up with this:
 Image from google

So, because of my laziness, we are doing a recap week for Letters A to J.

It is also partly due to Tiger's immense interest in phonics right now. These are my observations:

1. He tears his EVA letter mat apart to grab the letters and makes all kinds of letter sounds.

2. He no longer say 'A' for every letter he sees

3. He points and 'reads' every print he sees by making letter sound. Even if it's on my T-shirt, especially if the letter is printed over my boob. Yeah, he's a booby kid :)

4. He tried to say crayon and ended up saying 'keh keh keh' (Letter C sound)

5. During his TW class, he could follow the phonics lesson easily and cooperated in making letter G sound.

6. He adores this song from youtube.
* I couldn't find the Letter Factory by Leap Frog in Malaysia. It cost about RM300 for the boxset in Singapore :(  So, this FREE version is good enough.

Btw, Tiger's said his first colour! And it's purple!!! So, it's Mommy's new favorite colour :)

This is our Tot Tray setup for 'Recap week':

Left shelf from top to bottom:
1. Number rods for 5 & 6
2. Two-piece puzzle for letters A to J
3. ELC foam lowercase: more on these later

Right shelf from top to bottom:
1. Dr Seuss ABC book
    M&D classic alphabet blocks (A to J)
2. M&D stacking/nesting blocks
    Jumbo clothes peg with book box
3. ABC peg puzzle
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