Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Letter: Tiger's 16 months old

Letter To Tiger Thursday

Happy 16-month-old, baby!!

At this point of your life...

You are still fiesty and hot tempered. Your tantrums are pretty massive and getting worse as you realise you can bully us into submission.

You are more attached to your pacifier. You will remove it momentarily to say "Papa" or something else, then pop it back in :)

You are hardworking and helpful. Your latest obsession is throwing rubbish into the dustbin. You sometimes return your playthings to their place.

Returning your trays and blocks without being asked :)
Lately, you love winking at girls (hot ones especially) and cheerful around strangers.

Very popular at the playground. The kids called you Angry Bird Baby. Mommy was thinking "Huh? Since when my boy look like bird." Then I realised you were wearing the angry bird shoe grandma bought. Haha.
You kept hiding between Mommy's legs when they ran after you to smother you with kisses. It was so funny and endearing..

Gross motor:
You can help to dress yourself by lifting one foot and balancing with support.
Love to climb up stairs one foot at a time (Mommy will have to hold you)
Climbs on and off chairs independently
Sitting on the stairs and making funny faces at Mommy
In your Tweedlewink shirt
Fine motor:
Tower of 5-6 cubes
Scribbling (we call it drawing)
Love to draw. Whenever you see worksheets, you will open your art supply drawer to look for your crayons :)

New words:
Super copy cat: will repeat anything I say in exchange for food
Latest favourite: apple

New signs:
I love you
Kuci kuci (tickle) where you tickle your belly, knees (thanks to Aunty Sharon!) & feet

Love you SOOOOOOOO much...

Lots of love,


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