Monday, 3 October 2011

Tot School: J is for Jellyfish

‘Un’schooling Tiger Week 10 (1st Oct) @ 15.5 months

Alphabet:J is for Jellyfish
Theme: Ocean
The week started off great with our weekend excursions. On Saturday, we went to the Play N Learn Discovery exhibition in Midvalley with Aunty Sharon and Little J. There wasn't much to buy but I managed to get this set of books that i had always wanted: The Monique Felix Wordless Books
On Sunday, we did manage to 'force' Daddy to bring us to see the MV Logos Hope. As much as I love my dear hubs, there are times when i want to give him a 'Haaaai YAK karate chop' and a 'KaaaPOW punch'. This is the story...
On Sunday morning, I'd packed the camera into my handbag when Mr Busybody decided that HE wanted to bring the entire camera bag with the gadgets. Fine, I thought. When we reach the jetty at the Cruise Center, Mr Forgetful then realised the camera was NOT IN THE CAR. I was fuming and shooting him with lasers from my eyes. Luckily for him, I was wearing my sunnies and he wasn't badly hurt. We ended up with taking some shots with his android phone which were hrrmmm....The best part of the story? That night, I was looking for the camera and then he remembered he left it in the car booth!!! Sigh.....How I LURVE my Mr Funny...
Poor Tiger didn't enjoy the trip as much as I hoped. Initially he was excited to see the ship. He kept saying, "Bo, bo" for boat. Then upon entering, he was a little irritated cause it was HOT as the generator of the ship had broken down. As I shopped, he went to the cafeteria with Daddy which was even hotter. Poor Tiger threw a full blown tantrum and wailed as we quickly left the ship. Hehe, definitely not a trooper.
These are our Tot trays for Letter J/Ocean week:
First up, to commemorate our eventful, photoless trip, a M&D shape puzzle of a ship with the MV Logos Hope brochure and a postcard I purchased.
By the way, we are still hooked on the Shape Song :)
Something different for the alphabets/phonics work:
Instead of magnets letters, this week we will use the silicone alphabets. There is a nice squishy texture and they attach to any surface.
 A magnetic board with a lot of fish and sea creatures; which reminds me to search for their names
A pre-writing board that I really like cause it has all the lines in one board. The straight, squiggly, spiral, wavy, etc.
Some wooden blocks for stringing. I like the string cause the end is a wooden tip that is easier for Tiger to manipulate. He has ignored this tray repeatedly.
 The wedgits
Some wooden magnetic fishing rods and some weird looking fish. He hasn't seen this yet. I hope he likes this, cause I LOVE it!!
Ocean Sensory Bin
This is our Ocean Bean. No corals or knick-knacks cause he is in the habit of throwing things now. Just some rubber creatures and some flashcard to match. The 'sea' is some shiny blue decorative material. Doesn't it look like water?

This is Tiger asking for his drawing 'smock'. Drawing has been a favourite activity of late.

These are some of his Letter I work I displayed above his Tot trays shelf
I felt bad about all the paper wastage. So I bought a dry erase board. Unfortunately, the dry erase markers were not washable. That gave me a good excuse to buy more Crayola stuff. *evil grin*

I bought the dry erase crayons that came with a sharpener and an erase mitt. Quite cool.

Here he is crayoning furiously. The colours are not as bright and vibrant as the markers, but it will have to do for now. This is J for Joker worksheet.

Rearranging the dots cards

Here Tiger's teaching Mommy the alphabets, start with Letter Z...

These are some books to explore feelings that we worked on during Letter I extension week

These are our Ocean Theme Books:
Book titles (L to R) 
  1. The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister
  2. Surprise Party (based on Rainbow Fish) Sticker Book
  3. Sea of Riddles (also based on the Rainbow Fish) Lift the flap book
  4. Mister Seahorse by Eric Carle
  5. Who's Hiding (lift the Flap Book)
  6. Chinese Book on Ocean Animals

My little reader, still loving the hardcovers and paperbacks. ??Why??
Play with magnets buttons and Do-a-A Dot worksheets from Homeschool Creations. This week, he enjoyed saying 'nek-nets' while doing his work...the cuteness!!!

I used the sensory bin to put the magnet sea creatures for him to extract and place on the board. He found the strands yucky..haha...

How he loves Tot School!!

 We are linking up to Tot School at 1+1+1=1

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