Sunday, 23 October 2011

Halloween Shopping: Part 1

We had a break from Tot School because umm...Mommy's a little exhausted and needed to recharge :)

Quite timely as we are busy with Halloween planning/shopping.

This post is my materialistic purging. Please don't read if you think it is going to hurt your eyes:

On Sunday, we went on a costume hunt. *insert cheerful theme song*

At first, I bought a one-piece toddler tiger suit from Mothercare that cost a ridiculous
RM 128. The stripes weren't too cute but I was desperate. They also have bumblebee, bee, and cow designs.

This is the exact suit.

FYI, Mothercare is having a promotion for their membership. For the advantages of being a Mothercare member, check it out here. You only have to spend RM400 instead of the usual RM800, available for the month of October only. The result of this promotion: 
Not in picture: 2 sets of pajamas

If you have been following my blog or know me personally, you would know that I don't spend my money on clothing items for children, except shoes (they are just too cute!). All of Little Tiger's old clothes fit into ONE medium-sized container.

Educational stuff and toys are in a different category altogether, they fit into a warehouse...LOL. Actually, they don't cause I pass them to my lil'angel, Prettichubbi.

I make an exception on clothing when it comes to Mothercare because I find their designs adorable and their material really last. I was cleaning Little Tiger's closet last night and I gave away most of his discolored pieces. I realized that the Mothercare ones still look almost new. Money well spent.

I'm digressing again. Back to our costume hunt, I found this in Toy R Us!!
A pumpkin suit! How apt for our Pumpkin Party!
It also cost less than the tiger suit at RM 69.90. They have a small selection for toddlers: 1. Spider suit. (Fit up till 24 months)
2. Bumblebee suit (Fit up till 24 months)
3. Dracula. Quite dashing (12-18 months)
4. Skeleton suit (12-18 months)
5.Transformer (for older chilren)
6. Accessories for adults: witches, fairies, capes, pirate. etc

I would make one if I could sew but buying seems like a sane option. Also, he would be the only one in this because nobody else is celebrating Halloween except for us crazy folks.

PS: I returned the Tiger suit, and bought the PJs and beginner chalks instead ;)
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