Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Little Tiger's Study Room Update

Since Tiger is able to get on and off his child-sized chair independently, I thought it was a good time to bring out his new IKEA desk and remove the high chair I so hate.

This was the classroom at 14 months.

Welcome to a short tour of some changes to his room.
Photos were taken at Tiger's height just for fun :)

This is the view when Tiger enters the room.
I need to change the curtains.

A closer look at his desk
I reused the IKEA spice rack to keep some of his art supply and
covered the table and table mat with a sheet of book protector.
The table and chair set caused more than RM 200, ain't spoiling it.
He will use it for a long, looooong time

This table mat is FREE from one of our favorite eateries: Alexis in Gardens
Thick-skin Mommy asked for a few extra pieces..hehe
Wonderful for table setting ala Montessori.

This is Tiger's view if he sits at the carpet
 1.Tot Tray Shelf
2. Book shelf
3. His favourite drawers a.k.a. secret place for art supply and music equipments.

His picture books

The view from the curtain/mini art easel

My fav spot:
The Montessori/Japanese Style presentation area
We will TRY to do flashcards and Tot Trays here

 That's all for now. If I can inspire one person by sharing this post, I would feel blessed :)

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