Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Tot School: Ocean Week

‘Un’schooling Tiger Week 11 (11th Oct 2011) @ 15.5 months

Theme: Ocean

We are still enjoying our Ocean Week very much :)

Despite a super busy weekend, I managed to sneak a few activities into Tot School time.
Tiger finally did every tray that I set out for him. Woohoo!

This week, he happily completed the M&D ship puzzle without Mommy cajoling him :)
The triangle pieces were a little troublesome but he had no problem with the squares and rectangle

Playing with the fishing rods.
He couldn't fish with the dangling ends but he tried really hard.
That was the whole point, to try...

Later, I taped the rod together so that he can actually play with the magnetic fish.
Super focused!!
He also enjoyed rolling the fish around like pins.

I pretended to be scared of the rubber jellyfish just to see if he would copy my actions.
True enough, Mr Copycat kept signing 'scared'.
Hehe, so cute...I had to put it at the door stopper that he loves
and it took some demonstrations and lots of reassurance for him to finally touch it

Enjoying his wedgits
He kept using them as 'squares' and danced with them
Of course he requested for his Shapes song ;)

Playing with the Cloud B Turtle

He has also learned to switch Alphie On or Off by himself.

He ripped of the foam seaweed and played with it.
He gave me the idea of making crowns!!
Here they are, cellotaped to some hairbands of mine
That's Tiger's Prince Seaweed crown in the middle
Queen Anemone crown for Mommy
And the rather lame King of Waves crown for Daddy (He refused to wear it!! Party pooper)

Here's us being silly..
It's party time everyday in our Tot School :)

We did our version of the Rainbow Fish.
(I heart the book so much!!)
I printed the template from Google images and colored the fins, head and tail.
Then, I helped Tiger paste the scales that I cut from some Origami paper
Then we signed the work with the funky twistables Crayola.
(His name is covered with the fish magnets)
One of Tiger's cutest art pieces to date :)

We also re-did the Ocean Wall with some new crafts.
Must have Jellyfish!

 Due to the fact that I am a little crazy and didn't know how to stop,
we indulged ourselves with another sensory bin.
Will share more photos soon

Kissing the puffer fish

Lastly, I want to share our calender. I LOVE (x1000) the printables that Carisa made.
I bought my clear pocket chart from Daiso
(I heart Daiso too. My life is full of love. Sorry if it bugs you)
I just print, cut and decorate.
I think it ROCKS!!

That's all from us for now.

Will be sharing our Tot Trays for this week and some crafts in more detail soon :)

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