Monday, 3 October 2011

Our Evening Walks

After work, I try to rush home as quickly as possible so that Tiger and I can take walks to the park. I believe outdoor play and interaction with older children are beneficial to his mental and physical health. Here is a link to an article on how less play time outdoors leads to more troubled kids.

During our walks, we'll learn about nature. He has the habit of picking up things from the ground and I'll usually ask him to bring me flowers and leaves instead of rubbish. I'll point out different objects/animals like dogs, cars, etc. Yes, learning is a continuous process and we love it...

Calling our neighbour's dog

His 'Don't Hold My Hands, I am A Big Boy' Look

Picking up leaves..

..and giving them to Mommy

Bringing me flowers

I love them, sweetie pie!!
(Who would have thought dead flowers were beautiful?)

Blowing the leaves..hehe..old habit

It hurts everytime I toss away the leaves and flowers he has given me. As much as I despise hoarding, we will start collecting things for a nature basket ala Waldorf. I got the idea from Learning through the clutter.

I wish we can do this everyday. Unfortunately, I have to work and these are little moments that I truly treasure.
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