Monday, 17 October 2011

Tot School: Learning With A Super Tot!!

‘Un’schooling Tiger Week 12 (17th Oct 2011) @ 16 months

Theme: Jellyfish/Ocean (Yup, we are stuck with this this theme!)

This week has been rough for Little Tiger. He was down with high-grade fever over the weekend and a bad chesty cough.
Except for snooty noses, you won't be able to tell that he was ill from these pictures. What a trooper!!
So, this week he is Super Tot. School really is play in disguise.

These are some of the work we did before he was ill:

He helped with the seashells and starfish craft for our Ocean Wall
I printed out the templates from Google image
He applied the glue and slapped on the Origami paper (from Daiso)
Then, I just cut the shape
Easy peasy and very cute

These are the Origami paper from Daiso

Little Tiger decided he needed a break and faked a nap :) He was still holding the glue

I cut a jellyfish from the Origami paper and added on some eyes.
Then I applied some glue at the base for Tiger to attach the glittery purple strands

This is the Ocean Wall we created.

We did some work sheets from 2 Teaching mommies
He was using the Twistable Crayola Crayons here
I thought they were unbreakable, unfortunately, they are.

His Letter J flashcards, sandpaper letter and stuff.

Working on those fine motor muscles.
He stacked every single piece onto a cheap kitchen towel holder.
I reused the M&D shapes/number stacker pieces.

He stacked some small gradated blocks...
A mini pink tower if I may ^.^
...and nested them. This was one of his favourite activity. Why is the picture stained yellow?

We did more puzzles, this time a fish, in keeping with our theme

We also tried this 32 pieces ocean puzzle which was definitely too tough for him
So, I glued most of the pieces onto a cardboard and left him with 6 pieces to work with.
He enjoyed removing the glued pieces more.

This is an old can with a mommy made hole for him to drop the counting bears into.
Then he would open the can and place them back into the cute duck ice tray
He also gave me a heart attack when he tried to eat one.
He was never really a mouther.
Nevertheless, a short-lived tray, this one..

Playing with the EVA foam Letter J
He also played with the magnetic letters while attempting to make the phonic sounds

Enjoying his whole word flashcards.
He was "reading" them.

Impromptu lesson.
He spilled the paracetamol and while I was moping it up with some tissue,
he decided on this tearing activity

Painting a jellyfish with his new Crayola Paint brush.
I love the colours!!
I painted the jellyfish and Tiger ummm, added the finer touches
I really enjoy painting with him.
He gets to observe how I grip the brush and we learn the colours together :)

Then, I gave him a foam Letter J sticker to play with.
Great for tracing

Placing stickers on some red dots Math flashcard I printed wrongly
I tend to hoard a bit now, just a little.
Excellent for fine motor exercise

He  L.O.V. E.S  the dot painting activity.
Literally begs to 'chop chop'

Engrossed in his work

Playing school is fun even when you are sick :)

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