Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Preschool: Tiger's Daily Rhythm & Homeschool Schedule

At 3years old, Tiger wakes up around 8 every morning.
We usually hang out before I leave for work. 
Then he usually plays with his toys or ride his bike before getting ready for Chinese Class.
Morning is also Daddy Time as hubs drops him off.
They practice Jacky Cheung's songs in the car.
Okay la, song. One song. 
Kesian hubs. He has been listening to the same song for a few months.

No TV in the morning.

He is usually tired after class and naps immediately after lunchtime.
Standard: 2 hours of sleep

After nap, it's monkey time aka "Drive Grandma Nuts Time"
This is when he runs all over, fight with Lil Dragon,
plays with his trains/cars, ride the Thomas,
havoc time. 
I consider this part of the day as their undirected play time
 MIL usually let them watch some cartoon at this time.

You can imagine her relief when I come home in the evening.
Tiger still stands at the door to wait for me, that's 'our thing'.
But now, the cute as button sister wants a piece of mama too.
If I say hello to Dragon first, he will get upset.

So, I usually run to the bathroom to wash up first before kissing the two.
If I have seen some infectious cases like chickenpox or AGE, it's straight to the showers.

When I am not too tired and the weather permits, we will do some outdoor learning.
It could be science, art or messy play.
This is our directed play time
No TV when I am around.

 Then it's dinner and SCHOOL!
Whenever I ask, Who is ready for school/study?
 Guess who runs to the safety gate first?
Hihi...Lil Dragon!

This is currently Tiger's Home Preschool Schedule.
The cute pictures came from Homeschool Creations's Workboxes Printables.
I only take credit for the 3 abstract ones.
I am sure you can tell which ones =.="
 Since we don't have to report to anyone, it's okay if we don't cover everything.
Nobody has to find out.

Occasionally, I work till 9 or 10.
In that case we do what I call a 30 minutes lesson.
For example,

Calender time: day, date, year
Hug and Affirmations
Reading (Brillkids/books) or Math
Chinese (flashcards)
Energy ball
Linking memory
Puzzle/Fine Motor
Kiss & Thank you.
Hubs/MIL watches the kids while mom finally gets a much needed shower.

Bedtime is fixed at 11pm.

He is currently,

An irritating fussy eater.
Papa's BFF (which pisses me off massively. Imagine your 3 year old telling you to go
downstairs while he lounge in his father's arm. Grrrrr....)
Bossy kid who keeps instructing me around.
A cry baby.
A bully.
A pacifier addict. He is going to be pissed about this but I did say
I am going to take a pic and show yiyi. There! The pink pacifier.
At the same time, he has a softer side.
If I sustain a bruise or cut, he will be concerned, 
"Why mama? You fall down?"
"Pain or not? You want medicine"
Then he will proceed to sayang me gently.

Sometimes, he will sit next to me and announce,
"Mama, I love you"

The best one?
"Tiger, you like to go to school, Tweedlewink, Ditoso or school at home?"

"I like Mama School"
"So nice"

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