Monday, 19 August 2013

Little Dragon: 13 Months

Sweet cheeks at 13 months.
I can finally 'style' her hair!
At the moment, it's either one coconut tree or 2 :p
Better than nothing, right?

The first time I tried, she yelled and screamed bloody murder.
I was kinda bummed to which hubby commented, "No need to tie la"
I retorted, "What's the point of having a daughter if I cannot doll her up?"
That shut him up.


The lil monkey cannot be still, not even for 5 seconds.
She has boundless energy.
A fighter's spirit which means the brother is usually at the receiving end.
Imagine the 1 year old taking a swipe at the 3 year old.
Oh, the fights they get into.

She is very territorial.
My lap and kakak's are reserved for her.
Tiger will be beaten if he even tries to sit on either one

she is wary of strangers and buries her face in her hands when some stranger smiles at her.
When confronted head on, she closes her eyes with her hands (ostrich maneuver)

She loves going out for walks and is always asking for shoe


Way bigger than Tiger's
She has a bottomless matter how much of a meal she has eaten,
she will always go around asking for more food :)
A very adventurous eater, not too fussy at the moment.

Boobs are still very much in demand, especially before bed at night.
Now she will lay down on the bed and sigh "come"
For boob as snack, she will just sit on my lap and yank my shirt.
I think it's endearing :)


She grunts a lot.
Like a grumpy goat.

Favourite word is still Tiger's name
She recognize quite a few words on Brillkids but she has yet to vocalise them.
No rush.

Gross motor...

She is trying to run, falling down on and off.
She climbs stairs two feet per steps, unassisted or with one hand held.
She has no fear of the water.
She is bouncing to music


She imitates our actions such as feeding.
Obey simple instructions such as 'No' and Give me'

Her favorite books are those with cats in them and a hide-and-seek one from Popular.
The playroom has been rearrange to suit her love for books.

She enjoys 'study' time but her attention span is not as good as Tiger's.

Whenever she picks up a card or letter, she will say /x/
That's her 'reading'

 I looked at Tiger's development at 13 months and he seemed much older.
Old-man boy!

Two kids, same mother (and father) and yet
different as night and day.

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