Thursday, 15 August 2013

Our Shelves @ August 2103

This would be Lil Dragon's Baby School setup combined
 with Tiger's Sensorial and Math materials

The past week, the study was chaotic to say the least.
 I blame Captain Jayden Koo {Triumph in The Sky II}...slurrppp :p

Got my act together to rearrange, tidy, refresh & re-energize the room.
As usual, I observe my children's interest to decide on the materials I display for them.

When I asked Tiger to check out his room this morning.
He barged in, turned around and said, " nice"
Then, he gave me a thumbs-up.

This is the main area

Broad stairs and binominal cube
Red rods and sandpaper numbers
Geography: Continents and animals

These are on top of Lil Dragon's shelves, so that they are out of reach
The mini knobbed cylinder and insets.

For Lil Dragon, we are focusing on shapes and scooping
and some fine pincer movements.
She has taken an interest in feeding people with pretend food lately.

The pink tower. This mini sized one is created at a ratio of 0.7 to the original set
Then we have a box with the mats.
A little bag with wet tissues, a cloth and a dustpan for clean up.

Tiger is still into Geography at the moment.
I initially printed these to be super imposed onto our World Map but the northern parts were too small.
So, I used magnetic stickers from Daiso and placed them on the white board instead.
The labels are attached with velcro.

I was going through a Montessori manual for Practical life and as much as I would like to,
I will not be able to follow through with a full Montessori program.

I would like to think I am supermom, but I am not.
My solution?
We will be using John Bowman's Montessori At Home as a guide.
The Continent Map above came with the E-book. 
I blew it up by 120% before printing.
I will do a more complete review as we move along.

We will continue with this since Little Dragon is showing some progress.
She does 'Laugh' whenever she sees the animated character
She knows head, hair, eyes, nose, shoe, teeth, cat, dog....
We only do one session a day.

Odonata flashcards was all we did last week.
He combined the yellow and green series cards and hugs them to sleep.
I am going to be more consistent with er san kuai du

I bought these too already :p

I bought a giant Snake and Ladder game to introduce him to 100 Board

Right Brain
As usual, if Tiger is not keen...I will not force him.
Sometimes, he likes to perform for his Papa who is cheap with praises
Mandalas remain his favorite

Still enjoying his YAMAHA classes :)

This is our current plan of action at the moment.
Thanks for reading!
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