Monday, 5 August 2013

Science: Ice Treasures

This activity was a a huge success.
It was very easy to prepare too.
And cheap. 

I prepared some ice using IKEA ice cube trays, several bowls and
made a block using Daiso shoebox at 11 pm the night before.

For an extra zing, I added colours using Crayola Paint
The colours, gosh!
You have to make this, guys.
 Gorgeous, yummy colours.
Only the ice from small cubes and bowls were ready the next day.

He popped out the cubes himself.
I tried to explain the state of matter to him but he mentally blocked me off.
There was only one word in his head "FUN"

My personal fav were the yellow ducks
 Lil Dragon had a go at the ice :)

 The bowls of coloured ice that resembled pucks.
I tried to play ice hockey with Tiger but he thought I was lame.

 He dumped everything into his water table

I love this Ah Pek (old man) pic where he was complaining about 
 getting wet, not cold.

He got chocolate milk to warm him up a little.
By the time Lil Jay came, the ice had all but melted.
So, we went out for gossip and brunch :)

On Sunday, the ice block made from Daiso clear shoebox was finally ready!
I added some counting bears, reusable ice, and porcupine balls as treasures.

For excavation of the treasures, 
I prepared a large wooden screwdriver as chisel, a hammer and some salt.
Salt makes the ice melt faster.

After he got some of the fruit-shaped silicon ice out.
Guess what he wanted to do?
Sell ice cream.
He is going to be one heck of an ice cream seller, this boy.
After buying ten bowls of ice cream from him, I added some Maths questions,eg:
Two bananas plus 1 watermelon equals?

In order to not die from boredom (me), I added some messy goodness.
This time, I used 2 drops of yellow colouring (learned my lesson from sand play)
 I forgot about the glitter in his hand...and as a result....
He was attached to this 'pot of gold' for 2 hours :)


When I said Gold, Tiger went,
No, go-l-d.
"Go? Go where?"

This could last very long, so, I wrote it on his chalk board we keep outdoors now.
Better than keeping it on top of the cupboard, right?
He gets to play with chalk and wrote all over the place.
He's also into writing now.
Luckily it's just chalk...I love you, too, chalk.
I don't stop him because he is in his word sensitive phase now.
He other word thing now is asking me,

/p/ /i/ t/, is what?


Is that a word?



I dig a pit and throw you inside....Roarrrr!!!!

Repeat ten times.

Then /g/ /o/ /e/, then /t/ /o/ /p/...etc,etc...

Speaking of weird...
He has a weird habit of putting stones in my shoe rack, only mine...
Big grey ones...

In keeping with our ice/cold theme,
we played water park on Sunday..and he ran around naked.
This is the most decent picture I could find :)

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