Thursday, 1 August 2013

Messy Play: Moon Sand

Tiger prefers sand to water
Given the choice, he would pick sand play, hands down.

We always use sand from ELC.
Why not sand from the beach?
God knows who has peed or spat in that particular batch...
Construction site sand is even worse...dogs and cats love doing their business there,
have you not notice?

Moon sand is more moldable compared to regular play sand
We took the DIY recipe from Imagination Tree, a wonderful play blog
The recipe called for:
  • 4 cups play sand
  • 2 cups corn flour
  • 1 cup water
  • 2 tbsp coloured powder paint
White container: Antonius from IKEA
Giant shovel: Melissa and Doug (ELC)
Sand: ELC (rm 29.90 for 10 kg. Buy during sales la)

 We didn't have powder paint on hand.
The sibuk went and took food coloring himself and made the whole thing blue.
A reminder that I have to adjust the height limit again and 
move the forbidden drawer higher.

Oh well, since we are messy already anyways...
Lots and lots of it.
Glitter from Fun and Cheer: Less than RM 5 for 4 bottles

I shared this picture on our FB page last week.
Seemed like such a waste to play alone.
We invited Lil Jay to join us and they turned blue from the coloring.

In order to get him to shower, I have to exchange sand for paint 
He also like to ask, "Red mix with yellow become what colour?"
He will help himself to the paint while I do a facial mask or wash my hair
and end up with something like this.
Drip art?

He prefers syringes to water gun :)

Sometimes, it can get really, really messy....
Reminds me of a CSI scene.
Luckily bathroom art = easy clean-up

Oh we got rid of the blue coloring in a jiffy, in case you were wondering.
I gave him a Scotch Brite scour pad and made him wash the bathroom.
He used his shower gel laaa, not toilet cleaner.

As a result,
I get a relatively clean bathroom and he gets clean hands.

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