Thursday, 1 August 2013

Toys: Category Box

A few nights ago, Tiger saw this Category Box on top of the cupboard after class.
Of the hundreds of boxes, maybe not hundreds but close...he chose this.

We went though all the different categories of 
  • numbers
  • shapes
  • animals
  • clothing
  • vegetables
  • fruits
  • things at home
  • transportation

I tried to do things randomly but the 3 year old said
"No, must start from LEFT to RIGHT" 

After we completed sorting ALL the chips, we matched the words to numbers.
See the gorgeous new olive rug? DAISO!

A few days later,  I brought the box to the playroom.
Lil Dragon was so excited to 'share'

My boy trying again to 'teach' the sister who was more interested in
the instruction manual.

Kena 'ketuk'
Haha...lightly only.
No Dragon was injured in the making of this blog post.

Copying my style of teaching :)

The Stubborn One.
She 'reads' upside down.

I will only share toys that the kids enjoy and I personally find useful.
We have used the box when Tiger was a wee tot.

You can DIY your own category box with a shoe box and chips BUT
in my case, I don't trust my knife skills to cut the slots.
This one is very well made and weigh up to 3 kg.
It will outlast a lot of plastic toys.

On the educational side, the English is fine except FAN labelled as FANNER.
I also learned that neckerchief is an actual word :)

When they reach a different developmental plane, useful toys
like this will present a different teaching opportunity.
Unlike the noisy plastic pop-ups that cost more than this.

It is available in many online stores but do visit Gift2kids, a friend's store.
I am not paid for this post but I will receive a miniscule commission
if you pm them and mention Little Tiger.
The money will be donated to orphanages besides donating toys from our stash.

Thanks in advance!

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