Friday, 30 August 2013

Preschool: A Delightful Week

The week I lost it.
My mojo.
After the two kiddos drove me nuts, I announced,
"That's it. Class is over"
You would think somebody would notice BUT
nobody was even listening.
So, I just switched off the lights and walked out.
The best part?
Tiger just shouted, "Hey, I not finished. Ai yoh"
Little Dragon?
She thought it was boob time and happily followed me out.

Tired mom = grumpy mom = non productivity
I was so tired all week, I couldn't stay awake past 11 o'clock.
I realized...... it's the caffeine withdrawal.
After cutting down caffeine and sugary treats, I am no longer Super Mama.
Right now, I am more like Lousy Mama.
Hopefully the withdrawal ends by next week.

I had to cut down because I think I am giving Lil Dragon dental caries from
my too sweet breast milk. She has chipped another tooth.
Personally, I think she looks like a shark now

(.) \/\/\/\/\  /\/\/\/\/ (.)

We'll see a dentist on 14th and see what he says.
The caries, I mean.
I attempted to brush her teeth; which is a another major failure.
She will be the one to drive me to an early grave.
Mark my words.

Okaaay....back to fun school business.

Tiger was very into the Pink tower and Broad stairs.
Which made me very, very happy ^.^
Honestly, his technique would probably kill a strict Montessorian
  He was moving everything very quickly as opposed to carefully.
I think it was all the right brain practice..haha.

We did some extensions
You can get the free printables from here

Then we did all these Space work because he wanted to.
Space poster from Popular Bookstore

 We read this book until I nearly vomit blood.
So, I started reading with an Indian accent.
I thought I was funny but he just gave me a huh? look.
No sense of humor, this boy.

We use the whiteboard on a more regular basis now.
You can see I use it for calender time as well with just days of the week 
and the date.

 Bought this letter game recently.
Very creative for spelling CVC or  CCV words.
RM 13.80 from Fun & Cheer

 He needed some help until I thought of Fridge Words.
Then, he just self check and correct.
I can relax and lay fav pose.
If you buy this, then you don't have to buy the fridge phonics
He is the Brillkids Manager trusted with the 'clicking' task
and asking mei-mei to SEE!
We are blazing through Peter and Jane because I discovered:
to blast boredom, use stickers
Just one measly sticker and he can finish the whole 2B in one seating.
How la?
To bribe or not to bribe.
That is the question.

Right Brain.
Only did one day of practise this week :p
He enjoys linking memory and flashcards at the moment
I like his, "Nevermind, I try again." attitude

Caught him singing Shichida Addition song...haha.

He sings VERY loudly when he thinks no one is watching him in class.
Whenever he caught me smiling at him, he would blush and cover his face.

He has about 35 cards now in 3.5 months
He thinks he is a co-driver. The shift stick is HIS.

He is also a novice graffiti artist now.
Yesterday he wrote a wriggly P on the shelf secretly.
When I saw his face, I just knew.
"Did you write on the wall ?"
"No," he answered matter-a-factly. "I write on cupboard"
He pointed to his P and said "I write question mark"
I was going to start nagging when he added, "I write for you"
Oh. in that case....give chance la.

Sibling moments


Two seconds before they started fighting

 Sharing a joke...

Can't remember the joke but they laughed like mad!

That's all.
Have a great weekend guys!

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