Monday, 26 August 2013

Baby School: Shapes Week @ 13 months

Lil Dragon's getting used to our school routine.

Her top 2 activities are:
 Brillkids lessons & the learning trays.
Sometimes, she will opt for drawing.
That means making a mess :)

She loves this little chest of drawers.
I hid a silicone shape in each drawer for her to discover.

A labelled sheet for matching.
I did the matching & naming for her, just to introduce her to shapes
and creating print awareness while playing.
Sometimes, Tiger does the tutoring for me.


...which ended up with pom-poms everywhere.

Transferring ping-pong balls into cups

I love this face <3

Combining trays and learning that balls cannot go into a small hole.

M&D Shapes puzzle

With Tiger, we stressed on more complicated ones such as
octagon, parallelogram, trapezoid, etc

She has gotten the concept of
Here's the mat and this is what we are doing now.
Instead of going Rar rar rar....all over the place.

The mat is essential to any learning.
The genius that is Montessori :)

On Brillkids,
We are doing a lesson a day.
When she spots a bird outdoor, she points and says /b/.
Unlike Tiger, she is being exposed to 3 languages since we have a Indonesian
kakak now.
So, I expect her speech to develop a little slower.

This week, we will focus on colours.
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