Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Science: Exploration Basket

 We are taking our lessons outdoor on a more regular basis after the haze has
improved dramatically.

Since Tiger is more dirt-friendly now, I've created a simple nature exploration basket for him.
The purpose of this activity is to encourage self learning and love of nature.
At the same time, we can learn a little science.
As he grows older, we will add a nature observation book and perhaps a small digital camera.

For now:
A pair of binoculars (From ELC)
Two magnifying glass (Guess who gets the small one? Yeah, me =.=")
Big tong (Came with our Little Bean Steriliser, never used*)
Smaller blue tweezers (From sterile dressing packs. Stolen Taken from hospital)
A brush (Becon Stationery)
Some mini ziplocks (Daiso)

He totally missed the purpose of the binoculars.
He just ran around with it before settling down and asking to 'do something'
I looked around and told him to collect some specimens. 
I expected leaves or grass but
he collected these....dirt.

 Into the evidence, I mean specimen bag.

Brought out his Science Book for a more proper lesson on soil.

I keep some of his learning CDs outdoors too.
Practising his (San Zi Jing)/三字經
Still in PJs at 12 noon...

Bonus of studying outdoor?
Bath time with alphabets.
He never tires of these foam alphabets from ELC
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