Thursday, 22 August 2013

Little Dragon: Her Space @ 13 Months

It's no secret the two little ones are currently frenemies.

So, Tiger decided some time ago that
Study room = his
Play room = Little Dragon's

Which makes sense because she does spend a lot of time in the playroom.
She is probably in here 80% of the day.
Thank you God, for giving me a toy-loving kid!
I was so worried she would be a toy snob like Tiger.

First up, the books.
She loves flipping books.
So, we have a reading area with all the
 baby board books and some hardcovers.
Her favourite is a RM5 CATS book from a book fair.
I've tried baskets with the covers facing forward but she prefers them this way.
Easier to toss onto the floor. =.="
Got to remember to get some Malay books for kakak to read to her.

Then we have toys:

On the left (rotational toys)
Can you spot the pop-up toy hanging precariously on the shelf?
Must be Tiger's work.
I gave her some Tupperwares to play with. That's me being 'creative'
On the right shelf (from top)
 Her mattress for afternoon naps, 
Some soft toys & puppets, 
Puzzle space: alphabet puzzles
Music Box and Manipulatives

 Last but not least,
I read somewhere that it doesn't matter how much your kitchen cost.
It could be just an old box.
It's about what is 'cooking' in the pots.
The sweetheart loves cooking, stirring, making drinks.


Here are some notes on play and toy from Bright From The Start:

1. When shopping; buy a variety, not quantity.
Your child may LOVE cars but there is no use in having a million cars.
Exception: Books (See why I love this book?)

2. Rotate regularly
Notice how new toys engage a child's attention better?
You are not alone.
They are biologically programmed to like new stuff.
See, now you can explain to your husband why there is a need for MORE
When you rotate, the old seems like new again

3. On safety,
I like the 'toilet-paper tube' rule.
If it slides through the tube, it is a CHOKING HAZARD
Other baby proofing methods apply as well.

4. Use Play-n-Learn cues
i. Use a mat (Montessori!)
ii. Say "watch": demonstrate/model
Say "you try" and let the child try

Tiger modelling Flashcards Reading.
It was an epic FAIL.
I love Lil Dragon's pose here...haha. She's funny.

Tiger has his own space in the living area.
There is no right or wrong when playing.
It is just fun.

Send us a picture of your play room so that I can have a peek :)

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