Friday, 23 August 2013

Tiger's Play Area

I was going to take a picture of Tiger's play area when I came home to a 
complete mess. And nope, it wasn't Tiger.

MIL said, "No Dragons" when I was planning for a second baby.
Clearly I don't listen very well.
Because a year later, I popped out the cutie pie.

The fighting, oh, and the bickering.
All started before Lil Dragon was even one year old @.@
Is this normal?
I thought it was a boy-boy sibling thing.

She is really sweet most of the time but
occasionally, she morphs into Godzilla and does this:
Train table from Gift2kids

It never crossed my mind that she did it.
I thought Tiger was playing roughly because it was supposed to look like this:

Both sets from ToyRus

According to kakak, when Tiger yelled, "NOOOOO"
She took the liberty of climbing onto the train table and knocked everything off.

Guess who had to re-do the whole thing at midnight?

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